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I want to give the ultimate feeling of my country and the beautiful cities we have

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The Netherlands, the country where you can discover how a sea became a lake.
A country known for windmills, wooden shoes and flowers…

However the Netherlands is so much more…

Come and visit, so that you can learn about our rich history. But also stroll through the old little towns or learn how the Dutch fought the water.
The Netherlands has many different countrysides; beautiful beaches, forests and many rivers.

There are so many reasons to visit our country. If you let me be your guide I can take you to all these beautiful places and tell you all about it.

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Top Tours

These are my bestsellers, they well represent the peculiarities of the Netherlands

Walking tour Amsterdam
Beautiful walk along sides like the Dam square, Museum square and Rembrandt square.

Food tour Amsterdam
2 in 1, trying Dutch goodies and an impression of Amsterdam

Visit Northern Holland
Everything Holland is known for windmills, wooden shoes and cheese

Guided visits in tulip garden Keukenhof and the flower auction Aalsmeer

Walking tour Amsterdam
Food tour Amsterdam
Visit Northern Holland
Flower tour

A Look Inside Holland

The Dutch are known to be very liberal, everything seems to be possible here in the Netherlands…

Though we are also called to be very Calvinistic, meaning that you act normal, don’t show off and stick to your principals. Also Dutch are very direct, say it as it is and don’t make it more beautiful.

But Dutch are very proud of their traditions. That’s why for example they all dress in orange with the celebration of the Kings day. Or when national sport teams play at international tournaments they also dress in orange and the supporters as well.

Speed skating is still sport number one. And we always hope that the winter will be cold enough to go iceskating on the many canals we have. And then we like to drink our hot chocolate.

Your Guide

My name is Leneke, born and raised in Amsterdam.

30 years of experience

passionate about my job

I keep myself updated

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