Tour Proposals

All offered tours can, according to your wishes, be extended, shortened or reorganised. Childfriendly tours can also be arranged.

Walking or cycling tour through Amsterdam

With this 4 hrs tour you can get a wonderful impression of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands is known to be very liberal , everything seems to be possible here. Let me give you that feeling but also let me give you a wonderful experience of this city.

A city with a lot of history, beautiful buildings and its world famous canals.

If you like to make a boat ride or visit one of the many museums of course this is all to combine during your tour.

A 4hrs food tour in Amsterdam

Come for  a nice walking tour but then a little different. Try all the typical dutch treats.

You can choose different possibilities.

During the walking I will tell you all about the history of the city but we will have several stops where you can try a dutch treat, for example syrupwaffles or poffertjes, which are tiny little pancakes, also beer or dutch liquors can be tasted and most known the dutch cheese.

Many calories but with walking you already burn some!!

Walking tour Haarlem

Within 2 hrs you can get a very good idea of Haarlem.

Haarlem is the capital of Northern Holland, one of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands.

It has always been a rich little town which you can find back in the architecture. It is not far from

Amsterdam , so if you stay in Amsterdam you could experience with me a train ride of only 15 minutes to arrive at Haarlem center. Also Haarlem has a known museum called the Frans Halsmuseum. Or maybe you like to go for a beer tasting. So you see many possibilities and all can be arranged in the way you like it.

Visit Northern Holland

In a 7hrs-tour I can show you our typical fishing villages and see the windmills.

I can take you with very good public transportation, to the windmill village Zaanse Schans, where you also have a change to learn more about wooden shoes and of course not to forget the function of the windmills.

Learn during this tour more about the struggle of the Dutch with the water because the fishing villages that we will visit are located at the former Zuiderzee/sea now a lake.

The fishing villages are Volendam and Marken that we will visit during this tour. Here you can taste typical dutch stile of fish, for example smoked eel or raw haring.

Visit Southern Holland

A 9hrs tour to see Southern Holland

Southern Holland is the province where we have The Hague, our government seat. Capital of the province Southern Holland but not capital of the Netherlands. Let that be clear  and let me during this very interesting tour explain all about it. The Hague is also seat of the King and his family.

We have the house of Orange as our royals. For that it is a good combination to go to Delft as well, very nearby The Hague. Here the 1st prince William of Orange settled. And Delft also known for the Delft blue “porcelain”.

From Delft we continue to Rotterdam. One of the largest port cities in the world. You can not leave this area to experience this city with its modern architecture, so different from the ancient cities.


(only in the season from half of march until half of may)

Experience in 7 hrs flowers, flowers and flowers!!!!!!

When you are here in the right period you may not miss this wonderful tour.

Let me take you during a countryside ride through the flower fields and see where the Dutch are so known for. The cultivating of tulips is where we are most known for but of course we have many more flowers and that you can see at the exhibition Keukenhof but something to do , if you want to learn more about our flower business is to combine the visit of  Keukenhof with our flower auction in Aalsmeer. The smell. of the flowers will stay with you all day.

Exclusive boat tour through small canals in the countryside

A 4 hrs tour that you can not experience anywhere else in the Netherlands.

This is a tour only possible to do with 2 pax.

Me and my partner will take you on a small boat through the narrow canals in the countryside.

You can ask us all what you always have wanted to know about the Dutch, in the mean time we will give you a taste of some dutch goodies. And also explain what you are all seeing during this trip.

The trip is depending on weather circumstances, so if it is not nice weather we can look on the moment itself what alternative you would like.

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